Welcome to the Milwaukee Linux Users Group

The purpose of MLUG is to promote use of open-source operating systems, primarily Linux, and educate any and all who would like to advance their knowlege thereof. MLUG does not restrict itself to Linux; we are concerned with Unix-derived operating systems in general, as well as other open-source software and hardware. 

We meet at 1:00 pm the second Saturday of every month at 1942 North 17th Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Doors open at 1PM, Meeting starts at 1:30pm

Note: After our May 2017 meeting, this site will no longer be available to us. We are actively seeking a new meeting place. If you have ideas on this topic, please feel free to perform some basic research into it and report back to the group. 

All are welcome regardless of skill level or favorite flavor. When you get there follow the signs to be greeted by our strangely friendly group.

Next Meeting:  04/08/2017 1:30 pm

Open Meeting

There is a spreadsheet with the planned meeting schedule available here.


We are looking for volunteers to design an build a new site to replace the failed legacy site.

Mailing List

Our mailing list hosted as a Google Group. Please join us there.


MLUG Google Group