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Each year, at the May meeting, the Milwaukee Linux User Group elects officers to serve for a period of 1 year.  Members who have attended at least 1 regular meeting  each quarter within the previous 12 months are elegable for the MLUG board.  Members who are interested must volunteer to be on the ballot.

The following members are eligible for the 2014 elections:

 Member    Meetings

William Gierach11  
Ed Meixner11  
Glen Peterson10  
Dale Noll9 Yes 26
Kevin Crowley9 Yes 24
Brian Oswald7 Yes 20
George Moulton7  
Ally Jasper6 Yes 14
Ian Weisser6 Yes
Phillip Bruce6  

The MLUG board consists of the following officers:

Vice- Chairperson
2 members at large

If you would like to volunteer for a position on the board, please send a message to the mailing list ASAP.